Salt... Is it good for us ??

One question that I’ve always asked myself is… is salt actually that bad ? Its a natural mineral, so surely it must have some benefits…


So, I got to work, I wanted to uncover some more information on the stuff and then come to my own opinion based one what I've found…


So, here goes, here is what I found.


I read a few other blogs which seemed to have multiple points in common. One headline point that I keep seeing reappear was “salt has amazing health benefits”.


What is Salt ?

It's first of all important to understand what salt actually is.

Salt has been around for a millennia, which is so long that it is thought that our human raise has evolved to actually detect the stuff using receptors in the tongue.

The chemical make up is otherwise known as sodium chloride, it's been around for such a long time and has played a huge part in our diet for years, but over the last decade or so it has gained a very poor reputation largely due to its over consumption. 

Consumers often take in large quantities of salt without even realising it, or if they do realise it, they just don't care, and then blame everything but themselves for the negative consequences of consuming too much. For example, the average shopper will never look at the ingredients label, if they did, they would see vast quantities of salt packed into it for the purpose of taste… This is when salt becomes bad.

It is almost impossible to totally eliminate from our diets completely, but as your about to read, eliminating it all together is not something I would advise you do.


  1. Salt is very important for digestion

When I first read this, I didn't really understand why, but if you read a little further its easy to break it down and understand why it is so important…

The digestion process is primarily kickstarted by hydrochloric acid, which in order to be produced requires the presence of hydrogen and chloride ions. So, as I said earlier, salt is made up of sodium and chloride ions. Which when broken up upon ingestion separates into constituents and reused where needed by the digestive system.


2. Essential for good heart condition

As you may be aware, hearts have there own pacemaker cells. But aside form these, there some elements which help to control their function. For the relevance of this blog, sodium ions are one of those elements, which can help with the transmission of essential electrical pulses which essentially transmit signals to cardiac cells to beat. This responsibility is of course not only down to the consumption of sodium as its job is shared with potassium.


3. Necessary To Facilitate Body Movement

Sodium helps to promote the transmission of electrical impulses from nerves to muscles. Which for active people is very important as it allows for contraction and movement. Muscles could simply not work without it.


4. Rehydration

Something which is often forgotten about salt is that is plays a huge part in painting the sensitivity of the body’s insulin towards glucose levels in the our blood. Not forgetting about the importance of magnesium of course, but sodium ensures that sodium functions as intended.


5. Salt is a natural antihistamine

This one surprised me… it turns out that even the smallest amount of salt can help control and improve allergic reactions according too  and even help with asthma attacks.

I know, amazing !


6. Maintaining correct ph levels in the stomach

The acid in our stomach is made up of hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride. Correct levels of stomach acid is essential for proper digestion. Have a further read of this article


7. Sleep Quality

Salt even has anti-stress qualities due to its ability to control stress hormones. This may be the reason why many people feel that having a low sodium diet can interfere with sleep, but having an adequate amount salt in their diet improved their sleep quality.


How Much Salt Should I eat ?

This is a question which can have varying answers.

As with everything, its important to listen to your body, if your craving salt, it may be a good idea to use one of our seasonings that does contain salt , but if your not craving it, use one of our seasonings that is salt free, such as Garlic and Herb

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